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Bank Yahav is one of the smaller banks in Israel’s financial system in terms of the credit portfolio, which is supposed to cause it to put it at a disadvantage against the other banks, but actually becomes an advantage. The reason for this is that 50 percent of Bank Yahav is owned by Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, which works closely with him, and sometimes also in a joint manner (for example, mortgages). Thus, Bank Yahav enjoys the support of a large banking entity and its advantages as a small, compact bank that gives personal attention to customers.

Until a few years ago, the bank worked exclusively with civil servants, but after losing the tender, began to provide financial services to the entire population. Today he is involved in many fields, such as foreign exchange, capital market trading, investment advice, deposits, mortgages, credit and more.

Bank Yahav Business Loans Track for Government Employees

Bank Yahav Business Loans Track for Government Employees

Bank Yahav does not relate to consumer and business credit tracks in a separate manner, but offers loan options in one form, each client being treated according to his personal needs and characteristics. The options for credit that exist at Bank Yahav are as follows:

Car financing track

• Car financing track

This credit track enables Bank Yahav’s customers to receive a loan up to 100% of the value of the vehicle, with the payment spread being made up to a period of five years. It should be noted that the transaction is done in cooperation with Avis and the vehicle actually serves as collateral against the loan.

Credit track for any purpose

• Credit track for any purpose

The most flexible track in terms of its conditions, where the deployment can be made up to a period of 12 years, in accordance with the approval of the bank. The credit request can be made through a variety of channels, such as cellular, bank branches, telephone and Internet. The interest of the loan depends on the customer’s economic ability and previous credit history, and there is also the possibility of receiving a year of grace on the repayment of the loan.

Credit track for the self – employed

• Credit track for the self - employed

This track is best suited for business owners, where bank officials can tailor the characteristics of the loan to the needs of the self-employed. The amount of credit available under this track is up to NIS 100,000, with the interest rate varying according to the type of customer.

Contact Bank Yahav regarding the existing loan tracks is available at call center 2616, at various branches of the Bank or by filling out a special form on the Bank’s website.

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