Estimate and Calculation of Personal Loans Installment and Salary-Backed Loans

Online Personal Loans of Banca Unicredit , one of the leading banking institutions in Italy. You will then see what are the requirements for accessing the loan, interest rates and how to quote online.


And again, we find out what the best opportunities can be for different categories of people such as young people, entrepreneurs, retirees or public employees. Finally, the option of the Quinto Unicredit transfer will also be dealt with.


Unicredit Personal Loans: requirements and interest rate

Unicredit Personal Loans: requirements and interest rate





It is advisable, before starting to think about applying for a loan, to know exactly what are the requisites that are mandatory to be able to proceed with the rest of the procedure. Well, a financial institution must comply with the rules set by the Bank of Italy and, therefore, are some of the characteristics that normally must be possessed.

Ultimately, you must be aged between 18 and 70 and can be granted to all those who have a demonstrable ability to repay. This can be confirmed, in the case of employees, by the pay slip, for self-employed workers from the tax return and, as far as pensioners are concerned, from the pension slip. Finally, you must have a valid identity card and tax code.

After that, if the applicant has actually shown that he has these characteristics, he can apply for a personal loan. Let’s see, then, by way of example, what interest rates are proposed, in this period, by Unicredit.


If, therefore, we wanted to request the amount precisely equal to 3,018.29 euros and decide to repay the sum in 24 months, we would face a monthly installment of 135 euros with a fixed tan of 6.90% and a taegdell ‘ 8.23%.

 Online Loan Estimate: installment calculation

 Online Loan Estimate: installment calculation




At this point, let’s try to understand what is the necessary procedure to get an online quote . This is a service that the official website of Unicredit makes available to its customers. It is a facilitation that can surely be useful to simplify a procedure that, otherwise, could cost more movements and delays.

As far as the online quote service is concerned, Unicredit has a section dedicated to this type of service. Through this page it is possible, therefore, to get an idea of ​​the payment you might have to pay, once the loan request has been confirmed.

Let us then try to suppose that an applicant needs some liquidity and not too much. If, therefore, he decided to proceed with a small personal loan , let’s see what figures would correspond to this operation.

Let us suppose, then, that to carry out this project it simply needs a sum of around 3,000 euros. After having performed the calculation of the installment on the Unicredit website and having opted for a 24-month repayment, the results would be the following. On the one hand, there would be the percentage of the fixed tan of 6.90% and the percentage of the taeg corresponding to 8.23%. Having said that, we find out what the customers’ opinions are and what other loans can be divided by category.

Opinions on Loans

Opinions on Loans



For a company to make a good reputation is certainly a fundamental thing both to be able to retain its customers and to always attract new ones and, thus, excel over the competition. In fact, even for Unicredit it is interesting to be aware of what the opinions of its users may be.

Today, thanks to the web, it is not so difficult to understand what the public thinks about its company or its service / product. In fact, the reviews are the most disparate and each one depicts the personal experience with this bank. The most commonly used evaluation system is certainly the use of the five stars that assign a score to the topic being discussed.

A user, for example, judges with the highest marks and argues the decision with the fact that he became a customer of Unicredit when he turned on a loan and that it was a positive choice. Like this current account holder, others in their opinions also confirm the reliability of the bank in question and the recurring opinions are above all those who have known and use the services for years, even someone from the origins of the Bank itself. Some, however, find it interesting that the rates are not high and rather advantageous.

Unicredit Loans for Young Entrepreneurs and Start Up

Unicredit Loans for Young Entrepreneurs and Start Up



Unicredit does not leave young entrepreneurs alone who wish to start with a Start Up , since they have thought of a type of financing suitable for this category. In fact, the lending institution supports new business ideas with a loan of up to 100,000 euros.

To be precise, this funding concerns those who are thinking of starting their own business, if they need to support the initial investments and if they are, in fact, an aspiring entrepreneur. It is therefore a new method of assessing creditworthiness that meets small businesses.

Furthermore, we illustrate, in these other lines, the other advantages of the aforementioned offer. First of all, the welcome thing is that the duration of the loan can be up to a maximum of 7 years which also include the pre-amortization. In addition, the installments can be monthly, quarterly or six-monthly, at the discretion of the applicant.

The requirements to access it are the registration to the Chamber of Commerce for not more than 21 months and the release of a guarantee. Confidi that it is at least 60% of the granted credit / loans. And again, to demonstrate the contribution of own resources of 30% of the investment plan that you want to realize and, finally, it is necessary to notify the Chamber of Commerce of the start of the activity.

Personal loans for pensioners

Unicredit personal loans for pensioners



Well, there has not yet been talk of what could happen to those who fall into the retired category and who decides to rely on Unicredit for a loan request. Precisely for them, in fact there is a special offer called Quinto Più Unicredit Pension Loan .

First of all, the maximum amount allowed that can be requested is that of 69,000 euros and, remember, the user must not exceed the age of 80 at the end of the loan. Certainly speed is the characteristic that best characterizes this type of loan.

However, even for this promotion, personal loans cannot last less than 24 months and can be extended for a maximum of 120 installments and for a total period of ten years.

What is certainly not to be underestimated is the interest rate that in this period is one of the most favorable. In fact, through Unicredit it is possible to obtain a loan at rates that are even below 10% and, among other things, with the probability of decreasing again and reaching 7%. However, the latter may depend on many factors such as one’s income and the sum requested.

Transfer of the Fifth Public Employees: contacts and quote

Unicredit Transfer of the Fifth Public Employees: contacts and quote



Lastly, as far as public employees are concerned , Unicredit offers this category another interesting possibility, which should be informed. It is, as the title suggests, the Cession of the Fifth which allows a public employee to pay a maximum amount of 72,000 euros and a private employee up to 47,000 euros.

It is a kind of financing that is certainly very convenient because you can make the repayment through the institution and the company that pays the monthly salary and can be extended from a minimum of 24 installments to a maximum of 120 monthly installments and you can get up to one fifth of net pay.

In addition, insurance coverage is also provided which is mandatory according to the regulations in force at the expense of the Bank and also credit risk and life risk. It is also important to emphasize that a rate of 5.30% is proposed exclusively dedicated to public and state employees who will fill out the contact form to request advice and information from a MyAgents Agent .

Moreover, they are given a free, non-binding estimate only within four hours during working days thanks to a MyAgents agent. For those who are not aware of it, you can find out about the MyAgents on the site. However, after having dwelt on these, although necessary information on the Assignment of the Fifth for public employees, let us then go on to make a practical example of what those who belong to this category can expect.

Imagine, therefore, that a public worker wants to request the exact sum of 26,632.39 euros to carry out a rather large project. So how could he manage it? In fact, it is a profitable loan, given that the monthly payment would only amount to 300 euros, the fixed tan would be 5.30% and the taeg, on the other hand, would be 6.51%.