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With the term online personal loans we want to indicate the type of financing that is provided without requiring the purpose of the loan, so without having to specify why a certain financing is required.


Personal loans without a pay slip are a type of financing that contrasts with the final one, because it is not necessary to specify why the sum of money is requested, but they are also paid without the pay slip, which generally consists of the most important guarantee. for a bank.

How to get personal loans without payroll?

How to get personal loans without payroll?

We see all the solutions that are available to be able to access a loan even when you do not have a regular pay slip.


  • Assert a monthly fixed secondary income , such as a rental fee, the spouse’s maintenance allowance, and so on. It can be a guarantee that the bank can accept.
  • Ask for access to the loan remittances . This is a form of loan issued for bills of exchange, whereby the creditor, in the event of default of the installments, can attack the debtor’s assets without the need for an injunction. Moreover, the cost of this type of loan is often high enough because interest rates are high. So this is an opportunity to consider carefully before asking for these personal loans without payroll.
  • Submit any other form of guarantee . If you do not have a pay slip with which to get the money, then you can hope to convince the bank by presenting alternative guarantees such as the signature of the guarantor, who undertakes to pay any installments that the principal debtor does not have to pay .
    Or you can choose to mortgage your own home or to pledge a valuable item.
    In the event of default, the creditor may use the debtor.
  • If you are a young student and want to continue your studies after university but have no money, consider a fiduciary loan , which is generally paid to students without a paycheck. In most cases, on the basis of merit and income, it is granted to young people with low family income and always if the student does not have a scholarship. It serves for the payment of the master or doctorate and is granted without guarantees and without pay slip.

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